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The Only Fire Pole Mat That Work!

Fire departments across the country are discovering that our fire pole mats are the only ones fit for the job. If we can save one firefighter’s back, ankle, knee, or hip, we can sleep a little easier.

Designed by firefighters for firefighters and built using the best materials in the industry, our Fire Pole Mats are the best landing mat systems currently on the market. They protect the firefighter’s back, knees, and ankles from the impact of landing on a hard surface.

Our landing mats accommodate more landing mistakes. They provide superb impact attenuation.

While a lot of new firehouses are doing away with them, fire poles remain the fastest way for a firefighter to get to the apparatus in a multi-story building. The reality is that the landing mats available to firehouses that do have fire poles are simply not adequate enough. A Better Fire Pole Mat was designed for maximum cushioning and injury prevention with firefighters in mind.


Our firepole mats are made up with industrial recycled foam pad core and a shell of EPDM layer that you mix yourself and pour in a way that you create the bevel type you want. 

  • Durable, rated for outdoor and indoor.
  • 34” diameter and 2.5″ thickness is designed specifically to reduce injuries
  • Comes in standard safety yellow and fire engine red. Other colors available. Just call us.
  • 2 Year Warranty.
  • Fast shipping. Ships the day you order.
  • Call us today for custom color options: 203-659-0456

What you will receive in the box:

  • Our state of the art industrial padding that you will slip around the fire pole.
  • A small amount of binder that you can use to glue the slit of the pad and under the pad if you wish 
  • The right amount of black and color EPDM with the corresponding aromatic binder to mix and trowel over the pad at a half inch thickness.
  • Detailed written instructions that complement the video above.

Tools you will need: 

  • A wheelbarrow or plastic mixing tub. (An old trash can will also do)
  • Gloves
  • A trowel (Preferably a rounded trowel)
  • A spray bottle with soapy water in it to lubricate the trowel.

If you would like to pay via Purchase Order, please Email it to info@trassig.com or Fax it to: 203-549-0409.