A Better Fire Pole Mat 1.0


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Fire Pole Rubber Padding

A Better Fire Pole Mat 2.0

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The Only Fire Pole Mats That Work!

Fire departments across the country are discovering that our fire pole mats are the only ones fit for the job. If we can save one firefighter’s back, ankle, knee, or hip, we can sleep a little easier.

Designed by firefighters for firefighters and built using the best materials in the industry, our Fire Pole Mats are the best landing mat systems currently on the market. They protect the firefighter’s back, knees, and ankles from the impact of landing on a hard surface.

Our landing mats accommodate more landing mistakes. They provide superb impact attenuation.

While a lot of new firehouses are doing away with them, fire poles remain the fastest way for a firefighter to get to the apparatus in a multi-story building. The reality is that the landing mats available to firehouses that do have fire poles are simply not adequate enough. A Better Fire Pole Mat was designed for maximum cushioning and injury prevention with firefighters in mind.

We Offer Two Premium Quality Fire Pole Mats. 

A Better Fire Pole Mat 1.0

Made with top quality components and exceptional craftsmanship, each mat comes in two halves with industrial grade Velcro to secure them together around a pole within seconds. The hole in the mat has a 3″ diameter which allows for the largest diameter fire pole out there. The top of the fire pole cushion is safety yellow, so it is easily seen. The 18-ounce marine-quality vinyl will ensure years of use. The foam inside is industrial grade and mold-resistant.

  • Made with the same material that cushions NFL players
  • 36” diameter and 8” thickness is designed specifically to reduce injuries
  • The safety yellow on the surface of the fire pole padding is easily visible from top floors and at ground level
  • One Year Warranty.
  • Standard Shipping: 3 weeks (Custom Colors: 4-6 weeks)
  • Call us today for custom color options: 203-659-0456
  • Download Fire Pole Mat 1.0 Specs (PDF Document)

A Better Fire Pole Mat 2.0

At 36″ in diameter, the landing mat accommodates more landing mistakes. At 4″ thick, it provides superb impact attenuation cushion that is guaranteed to protect the backs, knees, and ankles of all firefighter’s landing on the mat. Made with top quality rubber, each mat comes with 40lbs of rubber and the exact amount of glue needed to complete an easy and flawless installation.

  • Fire Pole Mat 2.0 is made with premium Poured in Place rubber materials. This is the same material trusted on playgrounds all around the world by parents and organizations for protecting their children from serious fall-related injuries.
  • Creates a 36” wide by 4” thick impact cushion.
  • Each mat comes with 40lbs of rubber and the exact amount of glue needed.
  • Can be ordered in a 2 high-visibility color options in order to be easily seen from top floors, at ground level, and in dark environments.
  • Easy DIY installation!
  • 5 year warranty!
  • 2-5 days Nationwide Delivery

If you would like to pay via Purchase Order, please Email it to info@trassig.com or Fax it to: 203-549-0409.