About Us

Designed By Firefighters, For Firefighters.

A Better Fire Pole Mat was created by Trassig, a Connecticut based Commercial playground company. Our rubber flooring repair kits have been used on thousands of safety surfaces around the nations and we offer the best playground EPDM and aromatic binder products in the country. Two of the company employees are volunteer firefighters with the Georgetown Fire Company and had the idea for this product after witnessing first-hand the injuries their fellow firefighters suffered from using the fire pole with inadequate cushioning. Impacting the sparsely padded floor at the base of the station’s pole was causing all sorts of back, knee, hip and ankle injuries. While investigating solutions to this problem, questions surfaced about the quality of the current fire pole landing mats available on the market nowadays. The rest is history.

We created this product in order to keep our firefighters healthy over the long haul so they can do their day-to-day duties injury-free. We believe that the previous industry standard simply did not cut it. We have improved upon the standard fire pole mat by utilizing the safest surfacing system on the market, Poured in Place Rubber. This system provides superior impact cushioning and is used as playground surfacing on thousands of public and private playgrounds all around the world to keep our children safe.

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